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Memberships are greatly beneficial in staying consistent and offering regular clients the opportunity to enjoy exclusive perks as a reward for your hard work! When clients ask me how often they should book a facial, my response is always routine facials should be done monthly to maintain your results and prevent common issues, and bi-weekly if the goal is deeper correction and reversal. 

The program is designed to create a loyalty driven program for my regular clientele to continue to enjoy the services they love and reward them for their consistency while achieving great results. I appreciate your loyalty so it’s important I create ways to show my appreciation as well. Many of my clients come in for some level of correction so they come in twice a month, so the details were designed to support those efforts at a special rate. Based on those factors, the preselected tiers are based on current behaviors so to even know which tier is the best fit which would only be able to choose if you’ve been a client for some time.

My focus is always being extremely intentional with my services. Beauty x Davonna has created a more affordable way to continue with your consistency and jumpstart your skin transformation journey! 

Effective February 1st 2023, there is a complete application process in place to qualify to enroll. The requirements needed to apply is that you must have received at least 4 facial treatments within the last 3.5 months and be currently under a complete home care treatment plan designed by and purchased via Davonna. The membership perks are amazing and I want to ensure that it’s a good fit for us both to ensure I can maximize your experience and you’ll get full benefits from the program while rewarding you for the habits you already have which will lead to long term correction.

​Memberships are offered using a 3 tier system. Choose between 3 membership options which include a monthly treatment at a special rate along with some amazing perks like upgraded treatments, reduced rates on additional treatments, discounts on products, exclusive treatment launches and early access booking! Each tier includes a select group of treatments to choose from to help dictate which membership option would be the best fit for you. Memberships are optional but highly beneficial if you plan on receiving a treatment at least once a month! Non-members can book anytime at a non-member rate. Membership enrollment will remain open until member slots are filled. Once they fill up it will be closed for enrollment until additional slots open up.

To become a member, complete the application below. You will receive a follow up email within 72 business hours outlining next steps. DO NOT enroll prior to getting an email response back.

View the membership details below and please contact with any questions PRIOR to enrolling.

Which days are you available to recive a treatment?

Thank you for applying to become a member! Please allow up to 72 business hours to receive a response!

After receiving your approval email, select your tier below

Memberships will be charged monthly. Flexible payment options are available at checkout


    Every month
    Enroll to opt into Bronze membership package
    Valid for 6 months
    • Includes 1 treatment monthly included in the bronze tier
    • Oxygen infused luminous glow w|LED or No downtime Peel
    • 8% off additional treatments-promo rates not included
    • Lash lift add on always $99
    • 10% off clinical home care products
    • Complementary wine with each member service
    • 24 hour early access booking

    Every month
    Enroll to opt into Silver membership package
    Valid for 6 months
    • Includes 1 treatment of your choice monthly the silver tier
    • Levels 1-3 Combo peel or Skintone brightening skin infusion
    • complementary peach fuzz removal
    • 12% off additional treatments- promo rates not included
    • 10% off clinical home care products
    • Lash lift add on always $99
    • Complementary wine with each member service
    • 24 hour early access booking

    Every month
    Enroll to opt into Gold membership package
    Valid for 6 months
    • Includes 1 treatment of your choice monthly the gold tier
    • Total skin infusion therapy or Power peel
    • Complementary peach fuzz removal
    • 15% off additional treatments - promo rates not included
    • 10% off clinical retail products
    • Lash lift add ons always $99
    • Complementary wine
    • 24 hour early access booking

After selecting your plan and making a payment head over to the booking page head to the booking area to book your treatment on the Members only menu

Next, navigate to the menu to schedule the your appointment with the corresponding tier you opted for 

For example, if you enrolled in the silver tier, Click on the "members only" tab and select "silver membership." From there, add on the specific treatment you would like which will populate right above the month displayed. For example, if you would like the Oxygen treatment you must add that on to your reservation. 

Image 8-23-22 at 8.42 PM.jpg
  • By enrolling you are agreeing to the listed terms

  • Your card will be charged every month for the plan you enrolled in on the same day based on the day you became a member

  • Each month, members will receive a credit towards a treatment included in the tier you enrolled in which must be used before the end of your billing cycle. For example, if you become a member on June 15th, you may book 1 treatment from that day up until the 14th of the following month and you must use it before it replenished 

  • Credits do not rollover, remember the goal is consistency 

  • The enrollment commitment term is 6 months* and month to month thereafter until you request cancellation via email.

  • If membership is interrupted for any reason including payment issues, the remaining balance of the contract will be due immediately*

  • If you decide you would like to enroll again after cancellation, another 6 month commitment is required

  • As part of your membership, you will receive exclusive member perks such as discounts off additional treatments. For example, If you used your membership perk to book a treatment included in the tier you selected but you would like another treatment of your choice during the same month, you will get a percentage off that second treatment, anytime!

  • Select treatments include complementary treatment enhancements such as peach fuzz removal and therapeutic corrective masks valued at up to $50

  • Members can add on a Lash lift to your treatment at the member rate of $99, anytime!

  • Members will be able to book early via early access booking! You will receive booking access a day before books open to the general public which allow you to beat the crowd and guarantee you get the dates that fit within your lifestyle. Depending on the date you enrolled early access booking may start the following month

  • Members will receive a welcome email within 24 hours of enrolling which will provide your discount codes needed to save when booking additional treatments

  • Membership included treatments are bookable on weekdays

  • Take advantage of early access to reserve your slot before books fill

  • Appointments are not transferable or open for modification once booked. No exceptions

  • *If membership is interrupted/canceled for any reason including payment issues, the remaining balance of the contract will be due in addition to any deposits or balances towards future dated treatments*

Who is an ideal candidate?

If you prioritize your skincare and need to receive maintenance treatments monthly and you generally book the treatments included in the tiers there are only pro’s to becoming a member! If you need to receive treatments for deeper correction so you need treatments twice a month this will save you a significant amount do the the member rates and additional discounts when booking a second treatment for the month! Also for my lash lovers, the special member rate for lash lifts is a steal! Not to mention discounts anytime you need to order clinical skincare products.

If you prefer booking treatments more on an a la cart basis and would like to book sporadically or you like trying everything on the menu and jump around between treatments than memberships may not be ideal. Memberships are designed to cater to the behaviors that already exists or you plan on adopting. It’s also a great way for me to reward your hard work in being consistent. No matter where you are with joining or not, my doors are warmly opened to everyone as nothing is a one size fits all :)

Enrolling is easy! Enroll now on the website using the link below. I am so excited to support you and your efforts for self care! Email if you have any questions!

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