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Memberships are greatly beneficial in staying consistent and offering regular clients the opportunity to enjoy exclusive perks as a reward for your hard work! When clients ask me how often they should book a facial, my response is always routine facials should be done monthly to maintain your results and prevent common issues, and bi-weekly if the goal is deeper correction and reversal. Beauty x Davonna has created an affordable way to continue with your consistency and jumpstart your skin transformation journey! 

​Memberships are now offered using a 3 tier system. Choose between 3 membership options which include a monthly treatment at a special rate along with some amazing perks like upgraded treatments, reduced rates on additional treatments, discounts on products, exclusive treatment launches and early access booking! Each tier includes a select group of treatments to choose from to help dictate which membership option would be the best fit for you. Memberships are optional but highly beneficial if you plan on receiving a treatment at least once a month! Non-members can book anytime at a non-member rate. Membership enrollment will remain open until member slots are filled. Once they fill up it will be closed for enrollment until additional slots open up.


*ALL New clients MUST book from the "New client menu" for your first treatment which allows us to discover your individual needs and create a treatment plan to determine which membership tier would be right for you. After your initial "New client facial" you may enroll to enjoy the member benefits. This is mandatory. View the membership details below and please contact with any questions PRIOR to enrolling.