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One of the key tools used in the treatment room

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The MSB Ultrasonic Led is a revolutionary facial device that utilized four proven technologies to help you achieve cleaner skin, clearer complexion, brighter skin tone with reduced hyperpigmentation and a more youthful appearance by minimizing fine lines and wrinkles and helping the production of collagen & elastin! 


I personally tested this out for an entire year before deciding to retail it to my clients! If you’ve receive​d a treatment from me and felt this grace your skin I’m sure you’ve asked “what is that” because it’s tranquilizing! There’s nothing else on the market like it! Strong enough to use for professional treatments and simple enough to use at home!


Traditional Clarisonic devices harbor dirt and bacteria and your transferring it back to your skin with each use! This device can be easily disinfected and works to kill bacteria including bacteria causing Acne! It deeply cleanses, reduces inflammation, stimulates collagen and skin rejuvenation, reduces fine lines, wrinkles and pores and kills P.Acnes bacteria that leads to Acne formation💎


Get into advanced skincare technology! This has been my daily staple for the last 2 years! I personally use mine twice a day for 5 mins and it has helped to transform my skin and minimize my Psoriasis flare ups! Have you been using old school Clarisonic devices but your'e not seeing the results you’re looking for? Or do you want one device with multiple benefits to take your skincare to new heights? If so you should be ordering an ULTRASONIC LED handheld device from me!! 


Every client that has purchased one from me told me it changed the game and elevated their skin care routine! I’ll teach you how to incorporate with your customized regimen to enhance your home care products you have! Email support to purchase yours drop shipping is available directly to your door. Email to purchase!

Retail $265 + tax and shipping 

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