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By booking any service with me you are agreeing to these terms. It is your responsibility to read and understand them as they are non-negotiable. I welcome you to check out our FAQ page and be sure to email support@beautyxdavonna prior to booking if you need any additional clarification

The integrity of Beauty X Davonna and what I stand for in regards to safety, function, flow respect and productivity takes priority over everything else. I also want to ensure that the health and safety of myself and all of my beauties comes first! Prior to checkout, it is your responsibility to read and understand all policies and guidelines. You will be required to sign a consent of agreement and understanding prior to checkout which waives your ability to negotiate those terms. After booking, you will be receiving an electronic Consultation form and Covid-19 consent form a day prior to your appointment.  This will allow everything to be paperless and limit conversation as it should be limited due to the current pandemic. Be sure to wear your mask.


If you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or being ill in any capacity or don’t feel well, please cancel your appointment immediately and let me know. 

COVID/SICK: If you’re not felling well, fever, coughing, or ANY symptoms of any cold/flu/virus please cancel your appointment immediately.If you have been exposed to anyone who is ill with any virus please cancel. If you have been sick with covid previously please email me directly prior to scheduling. Be sure to read and understand my sick policy prior to booking. You will be completing a consent form at checkout. If you have contracted or been exposed to covid please wait 14 days AFTER testing positive to book as long as you can provide a negative test result. I have to practice the safest measures as selected services are mask-less. The rescheduling/cancellation policy is not based on personal circumstances, including illness. Safety for us all takes precedence over everything. I appreciate your compliance as this is non negotiable.

If you have contracted or been exposed to Covid, please wait 14 days  to contact me via email for clearance to schedule an appointment. It is important  to understand  that some services are mask-less which is  a huge risk for you and I both. With limited information on how the virus spreads it is vital that I take every necessary precaution.

DEPOSITS: There is a non refundable deposit due at the time of booking totaling 50% of the service(s) selected. The deposit does go towards your balance and the remainder is collected at the time of your service. The deposit is non-refundable and non transferable. If there is no deposit taken at booking for any reason including your appointment being scheduled per your request as a courtesy by the owner or operator the deposit will be collected if you cancel at the time of cancellation for holding that spot.

RESCHEDULING: *I do not offer rescheduling for any reason or circumstance including illness.* Unfortunately I cannot accommodate any schedule and or service changes pertaining to time and or date including service type. It is your responsibility to ensure you check any personal engagements to ensure you select a date, time and service that works for your lifestyle. If the appointment date and time you selected no longer works for any reason please follow the instructions on your email confirmation to cancel. Once you have canceled, you may book a new appointment which will require a new deposit as they are non-transferable. Please note cancellations must be done within 48 business hours.

CANCELLATIONS: If you cannot make your appointment for any reason, please use the link included on your appointment confirmation email to cancel. There is no reason to contact me directly as I do not manage reservations. Simply use the link at the bottom of your appointment confirmation email and click "CANCEL." It is your responsibility to book and manage your reservation. Please be mindful that deposits are non-refundable or transferable. If you need a different date and or time please book a new appointment after canceling and note that a new deposit is required. You must cancel at least 48 hours in advance of your service to avoid being charged the remaining balance due. Please be mindful that deposits are non-refundable or transferable. If you need a different date and or time please book a new appointment after canceling and note that a new deposit is required. You must cancel at least 48 hours in advance of your service to avoid being charged the balance due of the service. Please be mindful that it is inconsiderate to hold a spot you know will not work.

SQUEEZE IN ACCOMMODATIONS/ PRE-BOOKINGS: If the owner or operator agrees to squeeze you in and books the appointment on the back end as a courtesy ALL LISTED BOOKING TERMS APPLY. If your appointment is canceled the deposit will be collected UPON CANCELLATION if it is prior to 48 hours in advance. If it is after that time the full balance will be collected. No exceptions.

LATE POLICY: I do allow a 10 minute grace period before your service is cancelled but please be mindful that that time is deducted from your service time which will end at the scheduled time you reserved so I am not late for the client following you. If you have a treatment under an hour, there is a 5 minuet grace period as I would not be able to accommodate you in a rush. If you are outside of these times the remaining balance will be collected as this is considered a last minute cancellation. If you are running late please text the beauty line as soon as you know so that I can let you know if I am able to accommodate you. Do not wait until your appointment time to let me know.

NO SHOWS: Late cancellations (within the 48 hour window) and no shows will result in the balance being collected followed by cancellation. Same day no call no shows will be banned from booking.

Flexible payment bundles

When booking flexpay or flexpay bundles all payments are collected via third party (klarna, after pay or paypal) upon approval. There are NO REFUNDS available using these options under any circumstance. Appointments must be booked within the same month NO LESS than 12 days apart. For example,  If booking opens for July and you book the first treatment July 1st, the second treatment must be booked no sooner than July 13th and no further than July 31st. It is your responsibility to check the site first to ensure there are 2 days available within the current month that work for you. Appointments and or balance cannot rollover to the next month. If you cancel or no show your appointment will be forfeited. All booking terms above also apply.

Flexible payment for homecare

This option is for current clients who need to order or reorder product and would like to use flexible payment options. The payment will be processed via Klarna, afterpay or paypal upon approval. No refunds under any circumstance.

There will be an automated electronic form you will receive via text from the beauty line requiring completion a day prior to any service. If that is NOT completed prior to the the day of my service my appointment may be canceled and considered a No show with applicable penalties. This applies to all clients.

*In the event it is necessary to close temporarily as result to Covid-19 or something beyond the owner’s control such as weather, power-outages, or illness I will allow your appointment to be rescheduled and your deposit will be honored within 30 days of reopening*

I do not offer refunds on services or products. I strive for perfection and set you up with proper expectations prior to your service and I am happy to try and accommodate you within reason. I do check with you throughout the process and once your service is completed to ensure satisfaction. I encourage you to review my work prior to booking and read the details under each service. If you’re not sure you're a good candidate for a service please email me and include photos prior to booking. I am happy to review and get back to you! It is your responsibility to ensure you are booking the correct service. If you book something and change your mind at your service you will be charged the balance so please be sure to ask the proper questions prior to booking if you need clarity. If you're not sure that you are a good candidate for something (including lashes) it is your full responsibility to contact me prior to booking to ensure you are a good fit. 

I hope I won't ever need to, but I do reserve the right to refuse service for any reason. I am big on energy some people call it vibes, but either way I understand that I have a responsibility to make sure I create a safe space for you to unwind and allow the energy created to flow. Please come in with a good attitude so we can continue to translate that energy with everyone we encounter! 


If you need to contact me directly please email me: and I am happy to assist you. Please do not DM me on Instagram as that is not a reliable source for communication. Please be mindful that I am servicing clients through the day so I do ask that you give me up to 48 business hours to respond M-F. Generally, I am able to get back to you much faster. I do not communicate via text unless it's a last minute emergency. Now that we got that out the way, you’re ready to book! Please note that by choosing to book you are agreeing to the listed terms which you will be required to agree to again during checkout. 

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