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If you don't build your own dream someone will hire you to build theirs. Dreams don't have an expiration date

I have always had a passion for all things beauty. I always dreamed of owning a full service day spa, a sanctuary where women from all walks of life could come and be pampered and empowered. Today I have accomplished that dream! I started my journey over 10 years ago when I thought I'd end up a Graphic designer or professional hairstylist. I actually went to college for both. Throughout high school you could find me in the girls bathroom doing eyebrows on my lunch-break with a handheld razor, or lecturing the boys on how alcohol would throw off their ph and tear down their acid mantle. I enjoyed the creative aspect of Graphic design and even landed a job at a Graphics firm in the Bay Area but after not being happy with the way women were treated in the Graphics industry, I decided to go with hair. There was no passion, but I was good at it so I settled. After studying at Laney College in Oakland California as a cosmetology student, my educator noticed my energy shift anytime we did anything related to skin. I soon discovered that my true passion was Esthetics.


While on my journey, I ended up having a baby which put many things on hold. Or so I thought. Truth is, I could’ve been disciplined, but I was not consistent and my priorities were not in the right place. For years I could sense there was a higher version of myself I was striving to get in alignment with. I was so tired of working to build brands for major corporations, but as a single mother to my oldest daughter Imani I did what I had to do to provide. I had a long career at Verizon from the retail level up to their corporate offices in government accounts which kept me up early and home late. My boyfriend's position at his job was relocated to Sacramento which eventually led me to relocate as well. I was able to transfer my job and even got promoted so I continued to settle for a job and not a dream.


After a many years, my long time career at Verizon came to an end abruptly as they announced the closing of our facility. I was devastated. All the years I invested into building their brand left gone in the blink of an eye. I took a few months off before getting another job as an Auto Claims Adjuster which I hated with every fiber of my being. One day I came home from work with an attitude and my boyfriend said  "why go to a job you hate just to come home everyday and complain? Why not go back to school to be an Esthetician since you actually like that." If I ever had an "ah ha" moment, it was then. I'd always dreamed of following my dream and thought about how much revenue i'd produced over the years and how small my piece of the pie was. Why couldn’t I do that for myself and use that same energy  to build  something that fulfills me? Part of me thought it was too late, like who starts a business  in a brand new city in their 30's? I was grateful to have someone willing to support my dreams independent of them. Sometimes God puts you in alignment with people to bring out the best in you. Sometimes they can see your potential while you’re blinded by fear. The layoff that threw me into a depression is now viewed as a blessing in disguise because I would’ve never "arrived."


I pulled out a journal and wrote down EXACTLY what I wanted my life to become. I even described my business and what I wanted it to smell like in the room and how I wanted my clients to feel spiritually when they left. Two weeks later, I enrolled in an Esthetics program at Federico Beauty Institute where I was able to complete my course in Esthetics which prepared me to obtain my professional license as a licensed Esthetician through the California State Board of Barbering & Cosmetology. I worked an 8-5 M-F and attended Class in the evenings and all day on Saturday’s. It was hard balancing but I was dedicated.


A week after obtaining my license, I took a huge leap of faith and signed a lease for a salon space. I had 0 clients and limited funds but I allowed my spirit to direct me. I officially opened BeautyxDavonna in early 2018. For the first year I continued to work my 8-5 and took clients in the evenings and all day on Saturday’s. I literally built from nothing and continued to grow. December of 2018 I'd grown so much I didn’t have the room to take new clients so I quit my full time job and decided to work for my brand full time. Now a mother of 2 beautiful little girls Imani & Kaidence, Ive had to learn how to maintain balance & prioritize time to invest in myself so that I can fulfill my own potential. The funny thing is it's all divine order. I ended up doing what I had in me all along, and as you can see by this website, I also get to exercise my background in Graphic Design! I strive to give my clients an unforgettable experience that allows them to escape the stress of everyday life and give them that same balance through self care that I had to learn that I deserved. BeautyxDavonna is soul food.

In October of 2020 during a global pandemic while my business was closed as mandated by the government, I took another HUGE leap of faith and I opened my very own Spa in Fair Oaks CA that I have named "Powerhouse Spa." I was not even looking and the opportunity presented itself after I journaled earlier in the year that I wanted to find a commercial space that resembled a home. Nothing but faith and consistency!!


 I value the opportunity to equip you with a free mind, glowing skin, bomb brows & Lashes lifted into the heavens! Every time  you book, you’re  supporting my dream! Thank you for choosing BeautyxDavonna :)

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